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Sourcing and providing tailor made plastic materials worldwide
that can be used to create a wide range of Thermo plastic product

Prime, Offspec Resins and

Recycled grades

Prime Filled compounds and


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Prime & Recycled

Rigid / Hard PVC Compounds




Injection moulding

Blow moulding

Blown film

Roto moulding

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Calcium Carbonate filled

Glass fiber / bead reinforced

Talc filled

Barium Sulphate filled

UV stabilisers

Flame retardant

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Extrusion and Moulding Grades

Clear - White - Colours

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High Quality recompounded

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Pellets, powder, granules, pulver, regrind, flakes, lump, liquids.

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Prime/virgin polymers: PP, HDPE, LDPE, PVC, ABS, PC - all direct from the petro chemical industry.
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Re-compounded PVC

High quality re-compounded Flexible PVC made to order.

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The name 'Plastics' covers a multitude of materials:

PLASTICS is a misleading commodity and can be sought in a variety of ways, eg: Prime/virgin material in pellet form to Powders, Granules, Pulver and Liquids. Each form being relevant to the customer's processing plant requirement.
POLYMERS - a commodity also obtained in both compound, pellet, powder and liquid.
RE-COMPOUNDED PVCThe re-compounded PVC we source really is the Rolls Royce of re-compouned flexible PVC material, re-compounded to 99.9% of purity and tailor made to our customers' requirements both in specific gravity and softness. The re-compounded PVC has been seriously tested and trialled over the past 20 years to a standard second to none to any water pond liner, commercial water fabrication and to building roofing, damp proofing and all exterior and interior insulation needs to the highest of European requirements.