Polymers and Plastics re-processing plantRe-Compounded PVC:

Looking for PERFECTION? Well, as far as re-compounded PVC material goes - IT'S HERE!!

Northern Polymers & Plastics is a UK polymers & plastics supplier and buyer who, since the turn of the milleninum has worked closely with one of the leading companies in the PVC recompounding industry. The plastic recompounding plant in the Czech Republic produces the highest grade possible of re-compounded PVC and is ISO9001 certified.

The material is of ultra high quality - so high that the re-compounded PVC produced here is comparable to prime material, yet typically costs 25% less than virgin PVC. In addition to supplying such high quality re-compounded PVC, our supplier offers flexibility and the ability to respond swiftly to our customers’ needs. The material is distributed worldwide and the plant currently produces more than 11,000 tons of rubber, and PVC regranulates annually.

We know this material is superb and we have staked our reputation on it by securing the sole distribution rights for the UK and Ireland.

Polymers and Plastics 2 x 200 micron filteringVery high quality re-compounded PVC:

The re-processing plant is the only company in Europe that uses such pure filtration methods. The 2 current PVC compounding machines use a twin screen changer that utilises 2x 120-150 micron metal filters. To prurify the PVC from any contamination within the PVC (to create a 99.9% pure material), each filter set is changed every four minutes to gain this incredible purification and requires a pressure of 4500psi to push the PVC through the filters. This process refines the PVC, removing all the impurities that are within the material feedstock - ideal high quality for customers who need to extrude or inject the pellets for their products. who are currently using virgin PVC.

In 2008 a brand new 9-screw planetary machine was installed (alongside the two existing recompounders at the PVC reprocessing plant). It is used to homogenise the PVC up to 1000% more effectively and at a much lower temperature of about 100 degrees centigrade. Which is more than conventional screw machines can achieve, thus producing a very uniform and high degassing compound. This will raise the factory's output considerably, with a more customisable PVC product. The machine is able to process rigid and flexible PVC together and can produce flexible PVC from ShoreA 85 – 95; currently mainly in black but colours potentially are available on request to the customer's requirements.

The PVC plastic reprocessing system.

plastic recycling process 1 plastic recycling process 2 plastic recycling process 3 plastic recycling process 4

1. The PVC industrial waste/scrap material is first passed through a granulator and screen to reduce the material into a uniform regrind flake/chip form.

2. The granulated PVC is then mixed by machine and, under lab conditions, hand tested for quality and texture

3. PVC regrind is fed into the hoppers on the PVC re-compounding machine and heated to approx 160 degrees centigrade. The pvc is then compounded and passed through a double filtering process that uses 2x 200 micron filters to ensure high quality filtration, before entering the pelletising machine

4. Finally the PVC pellets are air cooled then quality control checked before final bagging, packing and distribution

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Pre and post industrial plastics and polymers for recycling Rotational in feed hopper Small test calendering machine Small test extrusion machine for lab tests Used 200 micron filters

Pre and post industrial PVC for recycling

Rotational in feed hopper

Small test calendering machine in the lab

Small test extrusion machine for lab tests

Used 200 micron filters (which are re-cycled)

3rd party re-compounding and collection service

As part of the ISO14000 series, companies are assessed on their environmental management system which effectively states that companies with this accreditation should document and demonstrate they are environmentally and efficiently disposing of their waste/unwanted materials/products. As an open partnership with many manufacturing companies within the plastics industry, we at Northern Polymers and Plastics are able to collect industrial waste plastic and find suitable methods approved by the ISO to recycle the material into either new products or re-processed raw material ready for re-manufacture.

We are also able to provide our customers with a 3rd party re-compounding service, for their lump, waste, drool, off cuts etc. We collect your scrap PVC waste, individually package it, seal and label it, transport it, re-compound it and then deliver the re-compounded PVC material back to you. This has been successfully trialled by a growing number of PVC customers.

Re-compound PVC applications:

The PVC end produced pellet is almost 100% pure PVC  and is able to be used in very high quality and environmentally demanding products. Due to its high quality refining process, and careful selection of materials, many companies successfully use this recompounded material as a virgin/prime alternative.

re-compounded-pvc-001 Northern Polymers and Plastics

At Northern Polymers and Plastics we currently supply hose manufactures and pond/tank liner companies with this material with no loss in performance against a virgin/prime product that the companies were using before. We have many testimonials from current companies in both the UK and Europe who are very satisfied

Regranulate PVC
(soft PVC, hard PVC):

PVC is produced exclusively from technological waste plastic, pre and post industrial sources from extrusion and injection moulding applications. Regranulate PVC has a vast number of applications, including the production of sheet, tubes, footwear, garden procucts, industrial liners etc to name a few, it's also used within the automotive industry  Due to its high specification, the recompounded PVC has many more applications now within the prime products market.

re-compounded-pvc-002 Northern Polymers and PlasticsRubber and Elastomers:

Apart from PVC, which is the main production of the PVC recompounding plant, rubber and elastomers are also being produced solely from industrial waste along with the production of technical rubber such as EPDM, SBR, NBR. All materials are delivered in small volume bulk containers to maintain cleanliness. The material is then crushed, granulated, degreased and homogenised in 24-ton lots. The elastomer and rubber shredding process passes the material through magnetic and air separators to remove any metals or fibres.

The Elastomers and rubber regrind is used mainly in the construction of sports surfaces such as athletic, football and children's playgrounds. They are also used both in damp proof coursing and artificial lawns. For this purpose the plant produces rubber crumbs from 0.5mm to 25mm, while the size of grains and their weight are prepared to the client's specification. Even finer rubber crumbs are used in the rubber industry and for the modification of bitumen. For these applications the plant produces very fine crumbs up to 0.2mm

More infoNorthern Polymers and Plastics are suppliers of a comprehensive range of polymers and plastics materials, sourced from a worldwide network of plastic and polymers suppliers. These materials are available as resins, films, sheet, pellets, granules or powders. If you require more information or have a question for our team of plastics and polymer specialists, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01270 874224 or email enquiries@northernpolymersandplastics.com